Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sing after Dance... Not Possible?

During the recent July 21st Carnival in my apartment, The Master of Ceremony Goofed up BIG TIME. Amongst others.... I was a victim. They called for my SOLO SINGING performance ' IMMEDIATELY AFTER ' my DANCE performance. I was OUT of BREATH and didnt sing well!! My efforts in selecting tracks, Karaoking them and practising to give a great performance ( like I usually do) bit DUST!!!! I am not uploading my Medley Video!!

An Master of Ceremony should have enough spine to remain adamant with the original listing once it is signed off by all participants and NOT entertain LAST MINUTE REQUESTS and THREATS. Genuine artists like me get hurt!!!!

BTW Here is a conversation that I had to face immediately before my dance performance ...

Madhuri K(sarcastically) : Shraddha , I request you let my daughter dance before you sing.
Me: But that 1 minute Dance is a part of the fusion of which I am apart of. I wont be able to sing immediately after the dance..

Madhuri K (Sarcastically again) : OHHH!! Is there any 'TECHNICAL' reason why you cant sing immediately after your dance?

Me: WHAT!!!!!!!!!

Madhuri K: Yes, I REALLY DONT KNOW why you cant sing after you dance......

(I have witnesses to this conversation who also were shocked at these words)

I couldn't believe my ears!!!! A SO Called EDUCATED Lady asks me why I cant sing on stage immediately after my DANCE performance!!!

ANYONE Has answers to that?

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mom's the Fav for the rite reasons!!

Conversation between an elderly gentleman and my son Pratham Today Morning.

EG: Who do you like the most Mom or Dad?
P : Of course Both!!
EG: Nah, one has to be a favourite!! tell me!
P : Then its Mom!
EG: Hmm... Why So?
P : Because she gave Birth to me and I am in life !!

The gentleman was stunned by this answer. He later told me that in his 60 years of life, its the first time that a kid this small has given such an answer!!

I am sooo blessed!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Lego Ahoy!

So today my son made a transition from Building Blocks to Lego Blocks.

Whats the difference you may venture to ask!!

well!!! its vast

firstly the size -> lego blocks are atleast one fourth the size of his current blocks
and second and most important for me -> While i bought the BB Set for 399 to 499 Price range, the set i bought today cost me a whooping 2500!

Well... then .... Heres what i told him " No more birthday present this time. This is it!"

the poor darling nodded his wise head and said "Promise mummy, i wont "cut " my promise!!"

Ah little does his know that its not him, but me who will "cut" this promise.

After all he is the only baby in the family yet!